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Bletchingley Village Primary School

Bletchingley Village Primary School

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Keeping children healthy is always at the forefront of our minds here at Bletchingley Village Primary School. We believe that a healthy body combined with a healthy mind results in a happy and successful life! If we encourage children to establish good routines now, they develop skills that will equip them for the whole of their lives.




Early Morning activities

Research shows that by taking part in morning exercise, children’s concentration improves and they feel more positive about themselves and the challenges ahead. 

For Key Stage 2, the day starts at 8.30am with a range of ball games and challenges in the playground organised by Mr Allen. Many children arrive early, just so they can join in!

Wake and Shake

Once in school, all the children and staff kick start the day with some fun, energetic aerobic exercise sessions through a website called “Jumpstart Johnny”. For 10 minutes every day, the school comes together to wake up their brains and shake themselves into learning mode!

Break time

Break times have been changed so there is plenty of time during both morning and lunch break to take part in meaningful activity, be it den building, ball games, climbing wall or hide-and-seek. It really makes a difference to how lessons are approached afterwards – and is great fun too!


Our school is lucky enough to have outside support from of the “High Vaultage” Coach, Chris Bower. Chris takes the children’s gymnastic abilities to new heights, with most children across the school achieving well above their expected skills. 2018 was the first year that Bletchingley Village Primary School took part in an inter-school competition to demonstrate their amazing new skills. The children were showed amazing abilities and resilience when competing and managed to bring home the “Overall Winner” Trophy!


Did you know that drowning is the third largest cause of death in children under 16?

Here at Bletchingley Village Primary School we understand that swimming isn’t a just a skill – it is a lifesaving necessity. We are moving our swimming focus into Year 3, where we are aiming for children to have lessons from a qualified swimming instructor until they meet end of Key Stage expectations. Last year, only 66% of children across the nation left Year 6 with the ability the swim 25m… we have an average of over 90%! With our new, improve swimming tracker (and help from the HEART charity), we not only encourage children to develop their swimming confidence, but we equip them with a life-saving skill too.

Sports Day

It wouldn’t be a Primary School without Sports Day! Each year the children work together, across the school, in a range of athletic, gymnastic and stamina activities to earn their House Team points. After this carousel of events, it’s over to the traditional running races! The family picnic at lunchtime has become a tradition everyone enjoys!

Sports Day 2019 winners were the Red Team!

Dance Assembly

Twice a year, Bletchingley Village Primary School children show off their skills to the rest of the school, demonstrating the dance skills they have been focusing on as part of the National Curriculum; what’s the point in learning without a purpose? In the Autumn Term, there is a whole school theme that extends from Nursery all the way through to Year 6. As a class they create, practise and perform their dance to their audience, listen to feedback and adapt their skills for next time. In the Summer Term we go back to the British tradition of Country and Maypole dancing! 


At Bletchingley Village Primary School we love the challenge of competition and enjoy taking part just as much as winning!

We join other local schools for District Sports, Rounders and Football competitions. This year, we took part in our first Gymanstics Competition, which we won!

Inter-House Sports
At Bletchingley Village, we encourage and promote a healthy competitive nature and team spirit. One way we do this is by hosting Inter-House competitions. Every term, each colour team will join together across year groups and compete against the other in Sporting Events. Year 5 and 6 play Netball and Cricket while Year 3 and 4 experience Tag Rugby and Hockey. In the Summer term, we all join together across the whole school for our amazing Sports Day event!
Our past winners have been:
Autumn 2018 - Red Team
Spring 2019 - Red Team
Summer 2019 - Red and Yellow Team

Sports Premium

The Sports Premium is a sum of money paid to schools to help fund improvements to PE provision in a sustainable way.  We have set up a PE working party which meets once or twice each term and comprises parents, governors and staff.  We have consulted with parents, children and staff to identify areas for improvement and the working party has then decided how to deploy the funding.

Please see the attached statement for details of the school's Sports Premium funding and how it has been spent in 2018-2019.