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Bletchingley Village Primary School

Bletchingley Village Primary School

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"Pupils behave well. For those pupils who sometimes find it difficult to manage their own behaviour, staff help them to develop useful and effective strategies. As a result, pupils quickly learn alternative, more appropriate, ways to cope when they are struggling with emotions."


Pupils with Special Educational Needs are supported within the normal classroom environment, but may be withdrawn to work in small groups or 1:1, supported by a teacher and teaching assistants. A range of outside agencies including educational psychology, learning and language support, speech and language therapists provide advice, support and guidance. If you have any questions, please contact Miss Katie Corteen through the school office or email:

"Having a child with Autism and Epilepsy can be challenging and demanding, however with the support and help we have received from the School for our daughter, she is thriving and finds school a happy place to be.

The School have gone above and beyond to ensure our Daughter is meeting targets set for her and also checking in on our wellbeing as Parents, offering any help and support where needed."

Mr and Mrs Luckhurst, Parents


"Bletchingley Village Primary has been fantastic with both of our children who have additional needs. The school has been quick to identify areas that require support and have been proactive in putting in the appropriate support needed to help them achieve. We couldn't ask for a more caring and inclusive approach."

Mrs Reed, Parent


"Bletchingley Village Primary has always treated everyone equally, but still accommodates everyone's needs and differences.

I always feel that I can come in and discuss my children with the teachers and that the teachers have always kept a really close eye on how they are getting on.

The school has always kept my children safe and I like how many events there are that parents/family can come to.

I find that everyone is really helpful, especially the office staff. There isn't very much that I couldn't come and tell them about or ask for help."

Ms Brazil, Parent

"I have been working with Bletchingley village school for two years in my capacity as a clinical lead for the Lighthouse team at the Tandridge Education Partnership (TEP). 

The Lighthouse team provides training and consultations to schools around pupils emotional well-being, behaviour management and mental health difficulties. We also provide direct therapeutic support for pupils and/or their families. We have been warmly welcomed by all staff at this school. Teachers, TAs, support staff and senior management have been open to working in a collaborative way. It is a privilege to work with staff that are highly committed to the emotional needs of their pupils and very responsive to the strategies of support by following through plans of action. I deeply value staff's ability to identify and recognise the early signs of emotional difficulties and then ensuring support is sought. This refreshing preventative and proactive approach to children's emotional and social needs sees beyond the behavioural communication which, in my view, makes all the difference in promoting positive outcome for pupils.

Lastly, in my experience, the lines of communication have always been clear and prompt and any safeguarding concerns that I have reported to the school have been addressed effectively."
Mrs Inbar Sagiv, Integrative Child Psychotherapist and clinical lead for the TEP Lighthouse team.